How the spread of the Corona virus after its discovery in Wuhan, China

How the spread of the Corona virus after its discovery in Wuhan, China?

The euronews satellite channel showed a video clip showing how the deadly corona virus spread, after its discovery in Wuhan, China, and showed the spread of the disease.

Corona virus is one of the most dangerous viruses that may become a global epidemic, and this is the reason behind the constant feeling of fear and anxiety around the world, so during this report we will learn about the most prominent and most important causes and symptoms of the Corona virus, according to the US CDC.


What are the symptoms of corona virus?
There are many symptoms of infection with Coronavirus, which must be recognized, as they are influenza-like and severe colds, including:

Exposure to a runny nose

- A person with coronavirus feels a severe headache.

Severe cough

People infected with coronavirus have sore throats.

- Significantly high body temperatures that reach fever.

Fatigue and extreme weakness.

Significant breathing distress.


How does Corona virus spread?
Corona virus is transmitted in many ways, including:

Exposure to air infested with the virus.

Sit with someone who is infected with a cough or sneeze.

Touching or shaking hands with people living with the virus, and also touching contaminated surfaces.


What are the ways to prevent infection with Corona virus?
There are many ways to prevent infection from the Coronavirus, including:

One of the most important preventive advice is to wash your hands often with soap and water.

Avoid touching the eyes, nose, or mouth.

Avoid direct contact with people infected with the virus.

Cover the mouth and nose with tissues or masks.

- Surface and personal hygiene is one of the most important tips.


Corona virus treatment?
There is no treatment or vaccine yet to help treat the Corona virus, but the person must drink more than any of the many warm liquids, as well as rest completely, and take medications that help eliminate high fever and relieve pain.

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